DIY Kalimba: Schools

Allow the children to have FUN while LEARNING!

Design & Play The Kalimba

kalimba history

Learn the interesting origins of Kalimba, various forms of Kalimbas, and how it works!

accessories included

Along with the Kalimba you created, a tuning hammer & Kalimba pouch will be given!

Unleash Creativity

The interactive designing process allows children to develop stronger interest in learning the instrument.

Customized syllabus

Kalimba Hub's syllabus are custom made by certified music teaching professionals for easy learning.


FREE user guide along with basic instructions & tutorial in every DIY workshop attended!

And more!

Get a Certification of Participation for "Basic Kalimba Understanding" upon completion of the fundamental class!

DIY for Schools

The more the merrier - have a fun learning experience learning with friends!

Learning Objectives:

  • Kalimba Origins
  • Basic Kalimba Mechanics
  • Basic Kalimba Playing Technics
  • Basic Kalimba Tabs Reading

  • Students will be able to play a song at the end of the DIY Workshop and would receive a "Basic Kalimba Understanding" certification from Kalimba Hub upon completion of the 3 Hours DIY Kalimba for School Workshop.

    Min. Pax/Class: 10 Pax
    Max. Pax/Class: 40 Pax
    Workshop Duration: 3 Hours
    Course Materials: Provided

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