Valentine’s Special

diy kalimba workshop


We did a Valentine's Special DIY Kalimba Workshop and..it turned out LOVELY! (Pun intended) We were so happy that the couples that attended the workshop enjoyed their time designing & learning their new instruments together. 

And because it was a Valentine's Special workshop, we taught them a simple duet towards the end of the workshop! It was really enjoyable seeing them learn and try to play together as a couple. 

Thank you for joining us for Valentine's this year! We hope you guys liked the little "Valentine's Day" gift we got for you guys ♥

P.S. if you're interested to know what the Valentine's day gift was..hop over to our instagram (@kalimbahub) to check out our reposts from the lovely couples!

If you'd like to create your very own Kalimba too, do sign up and join us for a fun-filled 3 hours workshop, alone or with your friend. We look forward to seeing you and your creative piece of design!!


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