First DIY Workshop

Where music meets art


We're so glad that our very first DIY Kalimba Workshop was a great success!! We literally saw tons of creative juice overflow.

We were initially worried if our participants would have trouble painting down the picture in their minds but we're SO IMPRESSED by the designs by them! 

Look at serious they are in painting down their designs >>

After the painting, we helped them out to fix the Z-Bracket & Tines onto their uniquely painted Kalimba & allowed them to try tuning the Kalimba! (Check this link out to learn how to tune your Kalimba)

Last but not least, here's presenting everyone with their creative & unique piece of Kalimba!

Thank you for joining us!!

We look forward to seeing your tags on our FB/IG when you start playing more songs with the Kalimba 🙂

If you'd like to create your very own Kalimba too, do sign up and join us for a fun-filled 3 hours workshop, alone or with your friend. We look forward to seeing you and your creative piece of design!!


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