Easier Reading of Kalimba Tabs

learn how to sight read kalimba tabs


We understand the struggle of reading Kalimba tabs, especially when you're new to the Kalimba - 17 lines/tines!

Now here's the trick:

If you realize, Kalimba tabs always come with highlighted (red/blue/grey) tines! 

It would be easier to read when the tines are labeled 3 by 3 tines so that you would be able to shift your fingers easily and find the note you're supposed to play without staring at the tines or counting the tines from the left/right!

Here's introducing the life saver to this issue: Tine Stickers!

It comes in many various forms and colors, with the common objective to label tines and allow easier identification of it.

So, where/which tine do you paste the tine stickers on?

Honestly, there isn't a "definite" answer. However, for most Kalimba tabs, it is placed on every 3rd tine - like the image shown below:

With regards to WHERE you should paste it, it is a personal preference and does not make much difference as long as it is easy for you to identify the tines. 

For beginners, we would of course recommend them to stick it as visibly as possible, like this:

Advance level players would prefer to stick it on the top portion of the tine (above the Z-Bracket) as it will not affect the sound quality from the tine vibration. Do note that the difference of sound quality is not major. 

And there, with the tine stickers up, it is easier to identify the tines you need to play and would allow smoother sight reading of Kalimba Tabs. Do share with us your experience before & after in the comments below!

If you have any Kalimba tips/issues, do share it with us! We're constantly learning everyday and we would really love to learn more and share these useful tips with everyone else!


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